Beyond Phono 1m with RCA connectors


RSX™ BEYOND™ phono cables are the very best that designer, Roger Skoff, knows how to make. Given the limits of theory and present-day materials technology, they may very well be the very best phono cables possible, and, without significant new discovery, may remain the standard by which all others are judged for years to come.

Combining all of the features of RSX PRIME™ and RSX MAX™, RSX BEYOND™ phono cables add Roger Skoff-designed connectors with even less contact mass (to minimize self-inductance) and use even higher grade Teflon®-variant fluoropolymer- plus- air dielectric materials. To these are added improved fluoropolymer outer and “leg” jacketing (to reduce capacitive discharge effects),

Just a Fraction of a Millivolt!

Phono cartridges can have outputs as little as just a fraction of a millivolt, and yet must be able to convey all of what’s in the vinyl groove to the listener without loss, distortion, the addition of spurious signal artifacts or noise from environmental RFI/ EMI.

Cartridge performance is also strongly influenced by loading factors, both as provided as options by the phono preamp and as capacitive and inductive reactance inherent to the design of the phono cable making the connection. That’s why having a phono cable that will carry signal as nearly unchanged as possible is an absolute essential for your maximum listening enjoyment, and that’s why RSX offers phono cables at three different performance levels and price points.

RSX Offers Three Phono Cables: PRIME™, MAX™ and BEYOND™

As compared to other phono cables these are rated “Better“, “Much Better”, and “Best”, in that order. All are constructed using advanced materials and technology and all are recommended to make a clearly audible improvement to the sound of your system. RSX phono cables are available as 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 m lengths. The come standard with RCA connectors. DIN connectors are available at an additional cost. Other lengths are also available at extra cost. Contact us for details.

All RSX Phono Cables have the following features:

  • Exclusive Balanced Field™ technology
  • 100% long crystal, ultra pure Laboratory Grade copper.
  • Multiple multi-wire conductor arrays.
  • Teflon®-variant –plus- air dielectrics.
  • Fully shielded and double grounded.

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