L-5 Compact Monitor

The L-5 Black, White or Walnut is a small, elegant bookshelf model with a 25 mm soft dome tweeter and a 4,5” bas/midrange driver.

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L-5 Compact Monitor Loudspeaker

Despite the size, the L-5 delivers convincing sound, and the size is perfect for placement on furniture or shelves.

The enclosure is made from MDF and the front baffle in matte black is adding additional 15 mm to the front, reducing unwanted vibrations and resonances.

The front grille is magnetic and is made with furniture grade fabric, adding to the Scandinavian look and feel.

The terminals are five way binding posts allowing use with any kind of connections.

Scansonic L series enclosure is rear ported and deliver an inviting smooth rich sound with deep authentic bass.


Size: (BxHxD): 152 x 232 x 210 mm
Weight: 3kg per unit
Freq. Response: 50 Hz – 20 kHz
Impedance: 8 ohm
Crossover: 2500Hz
Enclosure: 2-way Bass-reflex, 25mm Silk Dome and 4,5” woofer
Sensitivity: 88 db
Finish: Black, White or Walnut

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Black, White, Walnut



Having worked with Raidho speakers for more than 12 years, we found ourselves faced with a completely new challenge when we was asked to design a new range of high-performance speakers for the Scansonic brand. From the start, we were very focused on building on all the experiences and strengths obtained from designing the Raidho speakers. At the same time, we also had to be aware of the long heritage and the Nordic design tradition of the Scansonic brand. This time, the task also came with a budget and a desire to create the very best possible within financial limits. It was clear to us from the very beginning, that some core techniques from the Raidho speakers would be of importance: The speakers had to be designed around a ribbon tweeter that works with at super lightweight diaphragm that is sealed around the edges to allow for a seamless transition to the midrange region. Furthermore, they needed to be designed and developed with a speaker driver with a ridged, pistonic-type membrane, that could keep up with the ribbon tweeter. Weight loss for resolution transients &  superb leading edges The MB ribbon tweeter has a membrane with an extremely low mass. It is formed by a Kapton-aluminum sandwich that is only 20 um thick, and the resulting mass is app. 0.03 g., which is approximately 50 times less than any conventional textile, ceramic, beryllium or diamond dome. The lower mass translates directly into higher resolution and less sound coloration. Weaved carbon cones for stiffness & low compression For the MB-series, we have developed a ridged, dust cap free, carbon membrane. By carefully optimizing the shape and stiffness, we have succeeded in making a very well performing woofer that blends beautifully with the ribbon tweeter. The woofer has an overhung magnet system, with long linear stroke and excellent bass performance.