TD1.2 Speaker Stand Pair

The best match for the Raidho C1.1, D1 & D1.1 bookshelf speakers. Provide maximum isolation for better audio clarity. The box doesn’t sit directly on the top plate but decouples from the stand via small discs supported on metal ball bearings.

Available in Silver or Black

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Raidho TD1.2 Bookshelf Speaker Stands
These eye-catching speaker stands are designed for the Raidho TD-Series standmount loudspeakers, the TD1.2. By mounting the TD1.2s on these specially-made stands, you are seeing and hearing the premium bookshelf speakers as Danish designers, Raidho Acoustics, intended.

In addition to looking exceptional in any listening space, the Raidho speaker stands offer vibration isolation via the feet. Mount the TD1.2 loudspeakers on these stands for the complete experience.

Any speakers pictured are not included.

Key Features
• Designed for the Raidho TD1.2 speakers
• Luxurious and artistic curved figure
• Elevates speakers by 78cm
• Vibration isolating feet
• Authentic Scandinavian design
• Handmade in Denmark by world-renowned Danish loudspeaker designer, Raidho Acoustics
• Available in black and silver finishes to complement the speakers

</tableSize ( W x H x D ): 320 mm x 780 mm x 420 mm
Weight: 4.8 Kg

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Raidho Acoustics

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Black, Silver


Raidho Acoustics

At Raidho we are comitted to develop and produce the best loudspeakers ever built. We might not yet be there, but time will show that a Raidho product is state-of-the-art in its category. At Raidho we dare to be unique, explore new territories of sound design and put our ideas into the nice products featured on this website. Raidho is always on the move so please keep updated with our latest innovations on this website and contact your dealer for a breathtaking demonstration. About Raidho Acoustics In 2009 a new era began as Dantax took over the fantastic Raidho loudspeaker project. This new venture was another significant milestone in the history of Dantax. Hifi purists all over the world, consider Raidho to be among the finest loudspeakers developed and produced today. A wide range of prizes and awards from reviewers, magazines and hifi shows worldwide reinforces this point of view. Evolutionary, Revolutionary and Unique Raidho Acoustics develops and manufactures loudspeakers for people with a sense for aesthetics. Those who think sound should be fantastic, want their listening experience to be out of the ordinary and expect good-looking equipment with an exceptional design and cool visual expression. The unique technology of Raidho Acoustics is an extension of the classic technologies that have been at the heart of HiFi loudspeakers for years. But Raidho Acoustics have turned away from the mainstream development of “synthetic sound” or simulated HiFi. We operate with the genuine article. Developments in genuine HiFi had come to a standstill a few years ago, until Raidho came up with some ideas for lifting HiFi sound to new levels. If you are interested, you will find documentation that “we do what we say” on this website, showing the fine test results and awards won in recent years by Raidho models in series 1, 2 and 3. “Speaker of the Year”. We are very proud of these awards, but we are humbled by the accompanying obligation to do things even better. Raidho is not for everyone. You need to know what you are looking for, and then Raidho will deliver what you want.